Kerry Topp

General Manager, 

Transformation & Innovation, Datacom 

I was lucky enough to attended this Fathers & Daughters breakfast on Thursday with my eldest daughter, Molly who is in Year 7 at Baradene College of the Sacred Heart.

I can honestly say, if you want an inspirational young social entrepreneur to positively challenge you and your team on clarity of purpose, age, gender and getting stuff done, then you should talk to Alexia Hilbertidou.

She #GirlBossed this breakfast in some difficult conditions and with the confidence and style that defy her young age.
Alexia presented a wonderfully inspiring story and one I see Molly now wanting to aspire to be like. And don't we need more strong leaders for our kids to follow STE(A)M careers!

The messages delivered at this breakfast resonated deeply and I love the way Alexia leant into some of our biggest challenges - STEM appeal for young girls, a lack of visibility of female leaders or 'heros' to help show the way and one of my pet topics, the clear evidence of a complete lack of board and CEO diversity in NZ (& globally).

Well done, Alexia for pulling off an inspiring event.

Kate Olson

Member Services and Events Specialist, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Such a pleasure to meet and hear Alexia speak at the CAANZ Women in Business event, her vision and drive is so inspiring and she was so relaxed and positive to work with. Alexia is a fantastic ambassador for young people and we wanted to hear her perspective on the world. She is a very driven and motivated person who inspires those around her and her speech was a great conversation point when discussing what motivates the next generation. We gave our delegates a window into the world of a highly motivated woman who is doing amazing things to help other young women.  Alexia is fantastic, I encourage any event organiser to be use Alexia to inspire attendees and spread the GirlBoss message.

Clinton Freeman

Actuary, AMP NZ




Maria Flaherty,

Client Relationship Manager, Russell Investment

"Alexia gave a thoughtful and passionate presentation at AMP Amplify 2017 on the future of work and the evolution and achievements of Girlboss. As a father to a 3-year old girl, I fully believe in the goals of Girlboss that will assist me to widen my daughter's eyes to STEM careers and study opportunities when she grows up. This is something that I hold dear to my heart as I have enjoyed and seen elsewhere the benefits of undertaking STEM-based course and careers. Alexia highlighted the importance of young women pursuing STEM-based courses and careers for the benefit of both NZ and the young women themselves.Alexia communicates very well and gave a well-balanced split between the prepared presentation and the Q&A session - enabling the audience to participate more deeply. She fostered a strong belief in the goals of GirlBoss and the audience was encouraged that someone (Alexia) is working towards gender equity and other ''future of work" issues that affect NZ. The presentation serves as an inspiration to not simply be an onlooker when there's a problem/issue, but to own it and do something about it.Alexia is a very committed and passionate person who is doing something that will pay huge dividends in the future - STEM is hugely important yet so often pushed to the 'too hard' basket. I very much encourage an organisation to use Alexia for their event, she is a successful role model to so many in the NZ community (not just young women) - which enables a 'connection' to be made with any NZ-based audience in particular."

We have been wanting to get Alexia speak at one of our functions for ages as she is helping the women of the future achieve all of their dreams and goals.Alexia's presentation at the Women in Super Annual General Meeting really helped to make the evening a great success. The slideshow was very professionally done with a great use of graphics which made it very entertaining. She is Inspiring, professional, very collected and "together" for young women and has made a substantial impact with GirlBoss.Alexia is an amazing role model for her generation -  nothing seems to daunt her! "


More Testimonals

"Terrific to have Alexia  superb youth voice  and the thinking, learnings and contribution at the "New Work Order" event.

Her expertise, especially of Gen Z and searing focus on building capability of young women in STEAM,  enabled the audience to build greater clarity on the “why” and “how” and acceleration required for a new mindset across our communities, and a radical re-thinking of our education ecosystem to place our learners and their whanau at the centre is needed. The focus is on providing seamless lifelong, right-sized, affordable, individual, skills-based learnin ofg for everyone, anytime and anywhere. Thanks for sharing your green shoots on how this new mindset is developing in the secondary  school and Gen Z sectors  and further opportunities on which to build.

I wish Alexia the best with her continued growth of GirlBoss. An important enterprise that is amplifying change  for  young women in  Aotearoa."

Faye Langdon

Co-Director, 21C Skills Lab

Alexia reminds me of a young woman I went to university with and that woman was Helen Clark. I know Alexia will go just as far.
— Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland